Detective Unit

The investigations division of the Coalinga Police Department is a 5 man unit. The primary goal of the investigations division is to follow up on complex crimes that have been turned over by the patrol division. The detectives are responsible for ensuring that all leads are followed on a crime, making sure all required information is in the report to send to the District Attorney’s office, as well as act as a liaison between the victims and the district attorneys.

Detectives conduct extensive interviews with victims, witnesses, and suspects that patrol officers don’t have time to handle. They also write search warrants, rush arrest warrants, and conduct crime analysis to better prepare the department for current trends.

Special Operations

The Investigation Unit also oversees Special Operations. Their goal is to work with everyone in the city and community of Coalinga. The unit handles special projects such as serving search warrants, conducting gang sweeps, and doing probation checks. Other duties include surveillance, arrest warrant detail, conducting inspections of the premises of all of the City’s on sale alcohol licensees, and various sting operations such as vehicle burglary prevention.

The Special Ops Team works diligently with everyone in the community from City Council Members and concerned citizens to common criminals and convicted crooks to combat crime. They prides itself in handling all areas of concern whether it is a local drug dealer who has moved into your neighborhood or the guy around the corner who has turned his home garage into an unauthorized vehicle repair shop.

Special Ops is a collateral duty assignment at the Coalinga Police Department. Whereas this allows everyone the opportunity to experience the vast range of assignments, it also requires extra dedication from the officers, as the assignments often require double shifts or working through an officers days off.

Inquiries can be sent to Sgt Rouch or just fill in the anonymous tip line form by clicking here.