Property and Evidence

The Coalinga Police Department has one full time Property and Evidence Technician. The Property and Evidence Technician processes crime scenes as well as maintains, organizes, and releases evidence booked at the Coalinga Police Department.

To inquire about property taken, please fill out the "Property Request" form by clicking here (opens a new window). Property is released by appointment only. To make an appointment call (559) 935-2313.

When property is taken by an officer you should receive a Field Property Receipt. The receipt details what the officer took. Towards the bottom of this sheet a box will be checked as to why the property was taken. Below details information about getting your property back depending on why it was taken:


Wait 30 days to contact the Officer for release information. Items will be released 60 days after court adjudication of the case. If a speical circumstance or need is involved, please contact the Officer. Items not picked up within six months after court adjudication will be disposed of without further notice.


The weapon(s) have been held as required by law. Penal Code Section 12021g prohibits any person subject to a restraining order from purchasing or attempting to purchase or otherwise obtain or possess a firearm. Violation of Penal Code Section 12021g is subject to a $1,000.00 fine and imprisonment. If the weapon was held for safekeeping because of a domestic violence dispute, you may begin the Firearm Releaseprocess.


Items will be held for 10 days for pick-up by the owner. After 90 days, items will be disposed of. If the item is a firearm held for safekeeping, you may begin the Firearm Release process.


Property has been taken from you which is allegedly stolen or embezzled. Pursuant to Penal Code Section 1413, upon the filing of a Declaration of Ownership, and after you ahve been given an opportunity to be heard on the matter, the property may be turned over to the person claiming to be the true owner. If criminal charges are filed, you may ask the court that hears the case to review the decision of this department concerning the return of the property. YOU HAVE 15 DAYS from the date of notice to assert any rights you may have in the property taken from you. If you choose to waive your rights, such action MAY NOT BE HELD AGAINST YOU IN ANY CRIMINAL PROCEEDING. You must notify the PROEPRTY AND EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN IN WRITING within 15 days of this notice if you wish to make a claim.


Item will be held for 90 days. FINDERS: After 90 days and prior to 120 days, contact the Property & Evidence Technician for information on the procedure that must be followed to claim this property. (WEAPONS CANNOT BE RELEASED). If you do not contact the Police Department by 30 days, the property will be destroyed without further notice.


Property will be held for 72 hours pending issuance of a complaint. After 72 hours, the property will be returned, upon proof of ownership, if no charges have been issued.


Weapons have been seized pursuant to law. To have your weapon(s) returned, you must file a written request (you may do so by clicking here) within 15 days of this notice. A court date will be scheduled for you to appear before a Judge to request the weapon(s) be returned. If you do not contact the Police Department with a written request by 30 days, the weapon(s) will be disposed of without further notice.