Support Services


The Coalinga Police Department has its own 24 hour dispatch center. Dispatchers are responsible for answering all 911 and non-emergency calls, dispatching requests for service to officers, and researching information. After hours dispatchers also answer the front counter, allowing the police department to be open 24 hours a day.Coalinga PD dispatchers would like to remind you that any 911 calls placed from a cellular phone will first be answered by Highway Patrol dispatchers and then transferred over to the Coalinga Police Department. To avoid delays, consider preprogramming the direct phone number (559-935-1525) to the Coalinga Police Department into your mobile phone.


The Records Department is made up of two full time Records Clerks and the Chief’s secretary. They handle a wide variety of duties which include filing, organizing, and preparing reports, Live Scan fingerprinting, and releasing towed vehicles. The Records Clerks also greet the public at the front counter and address their police inquires, making them the first contact the public has directly with the police department.

The turn around time for a competed report is usually one week. Once the officer submits a report, his or her superior will review it and turn it into the Records Department. Once the Records Department receives the report, arrangements are made for the appropriate person or department to obtain a copy of the it. This can include the District Attorney, the Court, or even a Parole Officer. If interested in obtaining a Police report, please read the following:

Obtaining a Police Report

The fee to obtain a report is $12. Only the victim or in some situations, the involved party, may obtain a copy of the report from the Records Department. Listed suspects on the police report cannot get a copy from the Records Department under any circumstances. A suspect in a case can only obtain a copy of the report from his or her lawyer or through the court system.A copy of the report to victims of domestic violence is provided at no charge.

Background Checks

The Coalinga Police Department can conduct a personal local background check for $15. This background check is called a Clearance Letter and will list all contacts that you have had with the Coalinga Police Department.

Live Scan

The department also provides Live Scan Fingerprinting services. This may be requested by employers or obtained for certification, licensing, personal records checks and more. The Police Department charges a $12 fee in addition to other fees charged by the Department of Justice and the FBI. If interested in a Live Scan, please make an appointment by calling (559) 935-2313.

Vehicle Release

The Records Department also assists with releasing vehicles. Only the registered owner with a picture ID can obtain a vehicle release. If the registered owner does not have a valid driver’s license, someone with one must be present to obtain the vehicle. There is a Police Department fee in addition to the tow yard fee.A list of all of the Coalinga Police Department's fees can be obtained here.

A list of all of the Coalinga Police Department's fees can be obtained here.